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5minutefridayHome was always where family was. Where my room, was my only room. Where my brother and I spent mornings with the Power Rangers, afternoons being Power Rangers (I was the pink one!) and evenings watching lightening bugs light up in the jar as we sat and talked. Where I stood beside my mother stirring the big soup pot or covering the sugar cookies with sprinkles. Where I learned to be a carpenter’s, plumber’s, mechanic’s assistant as my dad kept our home going. Where we all sang together on the same pew every Sunday. Where I watched my parents waltz around the kitchen, anxiously awaiting my turn around the dance floor. Where I knew who I was. I was daughter, sister, friend. Now, home is a big question mark. My family and I are still quite close but as another big move looms I am unsure where home is for me. But then I remember, Jesus is my home. God is my father, friend, provider and there I will always know my identity, it will never change, for He never changes. He is home.


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  1. Isn’t it so true? Our home on earth is only temporary and especially now when people move so much all over the place, the definition of home is not something we can easily pin down. Jesus is the only security in our lives. And I’m glad your memories of childhood are happy. Have a great weekend!

    • C says:

      As with all memories there is the good and the bad, but I was blessed to have a family that made home a safe and loving place. Not many these days can say that. But you right, Jesus is the only security and my only hope! Thanks for reading!

  2. stlotto05 says:

    God has a plan and a place for everyone, and He places you where He so desires. As long as you carry Him along, home has that ability to become wherever you are led if you keep your focus on the Father. Believers who devote their life to missions work, wherever they end up, are courageous in that they choose to uproot their life from the comfort zone and take the task God has put in front of them. This is an amazing testament to their faith and trust, and a task I pray about daily.

    It’s easy to get caught up in a worldly mind-frame because we often look back on life at it were while we were growing up. Reading your recollection, much of it resembled mine in a sort. Where you had a brother as company growing up, I was fortunate enough to live next door to my Grandparents who took care of me a lot as my Dad was working and Mom was commuting daily to SIU. For me, it was a lot of sitting on the porch swatting pesky flies, riding the lawnmower, helping my Grandma cook (glad to learn so much from her), and so on. We still went to church every Sunday never missing a beat, in fact it was the most family time we had throughout the week. Where the absence of a sibling stood, I had family and many friends who helped fill that gap.

    I feel as we become older (and hopefully wiser) we learn to distinguish the differences between our worldly home and our eternal home. If we understand that God takes us where He wants us to be, through Him, we have all we need to be satisfied in our destination because He’s right alongside us. Often saying the future is uncertain isn’t necessarily the case. The future is certain, He’s already decided that. God has our map drawn out well in advance, He just reveals it as He so decides. As your worldly home becomes less defined and other big moves are forthcoming, trust that He is in charge and will let you settle where He wants you to.

    It has been awhile since we’ve had any longer discussions, but you and Power Rangers? I don’t think we’ve talked about that before. Wow that was pretty cool to read!

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