As I shared with you a few weeks ago, a wrench has been thrown into my plans and so since then, I have been learning, failing, trying, to rest in Christ’s promises. I have been reading a lot of scripture, searching for answers, searching for clarity, and then my mother, my wonderful mother said, “You’ve been talking to God, but have you been listening Catherine?” You know it’s serious when she pulls out the full name. She was right though, I have been so busy doing, reading, talking, going over and over in my mind what could possibly be the answer that I neglected to wait patiently and listen.  So for now, I am seeking rest in the God of Peace, my Jehovah Shalom, confident He will grant me peace and clarity of what the future holds in His timing. Verses to meditate on: Matthew 7:7-8, Philippians 4:4-7, 2 Peter 3:9, Proverbs 20:2



About C

A creative, hardworking professional who sees not a dead end but a mountain of possibilities in each of her endeavors.

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