I like looking at flowers and my mom was gracious enough to plant me two beautiful arrangements. However…I am not very good at taking care of them. A few weeks ago I told her I thought they were all dying. To me it just looked like a pot full of decaying stems. She replied, “No I don’t think it’s gone just yet, IMG_0787but see this brown dried up part? You have to tear that off so something new can grow.” By the time she was finished there wasn’t anything but one green vine left in the pot and a few stubs. She said I would have more flowers soon but honestly I didn’t really believe her. There was nothing left in the pot!

But then, a few days later I went out on my balcony to eat my breakfast and there were two new fully bloomed Gerbera Daisies. I was amazed. Mom had cut away so much but God had raised such beauty from it just as she promised He would.
When we feel like that wilting pot of flowers it can be easy to just let your life, your spirit continue to wilt. But God may be allowing portions of your life to fall away so you’ll have room for new growth. When friendships and dreams wither away fear sets in. We hold fast to the wilting leaves in our life and they crumble in our fingers, leaving us bare and empty.

But don’t forget the God we serve. Don’t forget His promises. Even as current life seems to be fading away, He always leaves a portion of us still blooming. He provides new friendships, new opportunities and dreams. Do not despair if things begin to wilt. Hold fast to His promises and pray for the courage to embrace new growth.


About C

A creative, hardworking professional who sees not a dead end but a mountain of possibilities in each of her endeavors.

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